Phuturetone Phutura VST-1

Phuturetone Phutura VST

The Phuturetone Phutura VST is a 8-voices polyphonic virtual synthesizer VST inspired by Alpha Juno. Phutura Features: 3 Oscillators White Noise Waveform High Pass Filter (4 modes) ADSR Envelope Pitch Bender Mod Wheel File size: 3,5mb

TB-30x Synth VST Instrument-1

TB-30x Synth VST Instrument

TB-30X is a monophonic bass synthesizer for Windows. TB-30X Features: Sawtooth/square oscillator 3 pole filter Sub oscillator Overdrive Global volume control Portamento File size: 1,4mb

GTG MS 2008 Analog Synth VST-1

GTG MS 2008 Analog Synth VST

GTG MS 2008 is a classic analog synth with logical layout. GTG MS 2008 Features: Modulation Envelope Chorus and Delay Sub Oscillator Fast envelopes File size: 1,1mb

Ultimate Mixing Preset Pack-1

Ultimate Mixing Preset Pack

Here we go with a nice collection of preset stats for mixing and mastering in Fruity Loops versions. This package really help you to understand EQing, compression and other effects to get a clear sounding professional mix on your instrumentals or songs. There is a massive amount of dope presets to fit all your needs…. continue reading →